Desert MoonDennis De Young ~Desert Moon"Is this the train to Desert Moon?" was all she said 她只問了"請問這火車有到沙漠上的月亮嗎?"but I knew I'd heard that stranger's voice before. 我知道我聽過那陌生人的聲音I turned to look into her eyes, but she moved away 我轉身想看進她的眼睛,但她離開了She was standing in the rain 她正站在雨中Trying hard to speak my name 努力地試著叫出我的名看房子字They say first love never runs dry 如他們說的:初戀永遠不會乾枯The waiter poured our memories in a tiny cup 服務生把我們的回憶倒入小小的杯子We stumbled over words we longed to hear 我們結巴的說出曾渴望聽到的話語We talked about the dreams we'd lost, or given up 我們談論著我們所失去或放棄的夢想When the whistle caught the night 那時在夜裡吹著的口哨And shook silence from my life 劃破了我生命土地買賣中的沈沒As the last train rolled toward the moon 就在開往月亮的末班車上Those summer nights 那些夏夜When we were young 我們還年輕We bragged of things 我們吹噓自己We'd never done 沒做過的事We were dreamers, only dreamers 我們是夢想家,也只是夢想家而已And in our haste 在猶豫間To grow up too soon 長大太快We left our innocence on Desert Moon 我們把純真遺留在沙漠上的月亮We were dreamers, only 永慶房屋dreamers 我們是夢想家,也只是夢想家而已On Desert MoonOn Desert MoonOn Desert MoonDesert MoonI still can hear the whisper of the summer nights 我仍然可以聽到夏夜的低語聲It echoes in the corners of my heart 在我心裡的角落迴盪The night is true and waiting for the desert train 今夜是真實的並且等著開往沙漠的火車All the words we meant to say 所有我們要說而沒說的All the chances swept away 所有被擦去住商房屋的機會Still remain on the road to undo 仍停留在還沒發生的路上Those summer nights, when we were young 那些夏夜,我們還年輕We bragged of things we'd never done 我們吹噓著沒做過的事情We were dreamers, only dreamers 我們是夢想家,也只是夢想家而已Moments pass, and time moves on 生命的瞬間會過去,而時間繼續走動But dreams remain for just as long as there's dreamers 但只要有夢想家,仍然會有夢太平洋房屋想 


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